About FishComCollective

Some history-lesson

In the past few years i’ve done a few magazines and newsletters. At the age of 16-17 i started with Majesty of Fools magazine, which had 3 issues. All at a fairly low printrun, but it was heaps of fun to do. Tapetrading and writing letters were my biggest hobby’s and i contacted tons of insane bands. A lot of contacts still come from that period.

A few year later i stopped Majesty of Fools, due to several reasons. One being disappointed in a few things.
It didn’t take long for me to start something new, Reet Records. I did a few tapes (compilation tapes and one live-tape) and one compilation cdr. It was fun to do, but with this i lost a lot of money. Hahaha..but who cares, right?
Reet Records was sent to the basement and i started Bone Box newsletter. After 2 issues it became more and more fun to do, but again to expensive to spread. So i learned some weblanguages and made a few websites to test things out.
A lot of time after that i registered a domainname, being www.fishcomcollectief.be. This was the first phase of FishComCollective. Two months after we went for the .com name and 2 months after that, the .net name came in. We don’t use the .com name anymore, since it’s registered with another host, where we got kicked out. Don’t ask why, i still don’t understand the exact reason….

The idea

FishComCOLLECTIVE says it all i think. For me a collective is a group of people interested in music, willing to spread their ideas and opinions. Writing down things is essential for some people, reading even more. The amount of visitors never really was important to me, but it sure is fun to see the work is appreciated, more and more people seem to find their way up the Net to us. Thanx. Our aim is more into the direction of promotion towards bands, giving an honest opinion on things and just having fun in our own way. Meeting friends and having heaps of killer contacts is the extra.

The name

The name is pretty simple, since i’m from the Digital Age, i spend lots of time behind my computer. Chatting and mailing are daily tasks and therefor you need a ‘nick-name’. Mine’s AHFish (we all know Albert Hamilton Fish, right?). My girlfriend’s nick is Comicsken, and in a romantic mood we mixed both names into FishComCollective. The first idea was to make a kindergarten-kind of thing, combined with a design-agency, but what the heck, i ripped the name and started FishComCollective with it…

The future

We’re trying to become the biggest, and once we got every mortal soul in our power, we’ll conquer the world. World-domination is our only goal. We want everyone DEAD! And if you believe this…well, you should stop watching tv and get a life. Making FishComCollective into a succes would be nice, kicking your ass would even be better. Why are you reading this? Nothing interesting here, you know!?!

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