Frequently and not so frequently asked questions

Hey, i like the idea of this site. Can i join you guys?

Ofcourse you can join us. At this moment we’re still in need for some active people to write reviews, conduct interviews, …. . Every registered user can apply for the job. All you need to do is mail the head-editors (see the contact-page) and try to convince him. The administrator then decides wether you can join the Collective.

Great!! So if i join, i get free stuff?

In a way, yes and no. You can get free stuff, but don’t expect any the first few months. I’ve witnessed a few (a lot!) rip-offs in the past few years, so i’m holding back a bit. If you’re a new member and you want free stuff, great! Go for it! There are several ways to get free stuff in your mailbox, but it takes some activity from you too. Start by convincing me that you’re capable of writing reviews, and that you’re serious with this job as an editor. After a few months and convincing me, you’ll get your free stuff to review, don’t worry…

How can i convince you with my writing if i haven’t got anything to review?

If you haven’t got anything to review, you’re not in the right place here at all. We prefer editors that really know what they are saying, in stead of editors just writing crap. If you haven’t got a single record, or just buy records once every 5 years, well i guess there not much of a chance i’ll be convinced by your ramblings… good luck anyway…

Ok, ok… so, what can i write about?

You can start by writing reviews from your own stuff (cds, demo’s, records, zines, …) and maybe support your local scene a bit by interviewing some of them bands. Would be great…

Can i review ANYTHING?

Basically yes, as long as you’re aware of the impact of your review, and that you stick with the types. Being cds (cd, mcd, cdr), tapes, paper (magazines, newsletters, fanzines), vinyl (7″, 12″, …), movies and games. Live-reports are welcome too, they end up with the articles.

We’re playing in a band, how can i get my stuff reviewed?

Very simple, just send it to us, and we’ll do our best to review it. If we like the music, an interview is one of the next possibilities. I know you prefer us buying your records, but unfortunately we’re limited in money..and time.

Do you also review mp3s?

If you have a complete cd/demo/record online somewhere and can supply us with enough information, i don’t see the problem why we shouldn’t? But note that we cannot download 200MB of music every day.

I’ve posted my music, when do i get my review?

Give us a break, we haven’t got all day to spend on reviewing music. Everything will get reviewed, that’s a promise. Take two weeks from the moment it arrives (or three from the moment you’ve posted it). Normally everything will be dealt with within this period. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us!

You promised me an interview… well, where is it?!?

It is true that in the past few months i asked a lot of bands to interview them. It is also true that i have more plans, ideas and activities, then i have the time to fullfill them. In other words, everything is somehow delayed. Wanna help? Join the Collective or invent a 48 hour-day ;-).

You’re an asshole, you gave me negative criticism…

Jups, i’m an asshole. Too bad. If you got a negative review, maybe that’s because your music wasn’t really that good? All our editors do the best they can and write honest reviews. There’s no asslicking or backstabbing involved. If you truely feel like we’re being dishonest, feel free to give us some feedback on that topic.

I really like what you’re doing here…and want to help you guys! What can i do?

Wow, great to hear. Well, would be great if you could send us all your money, just ask for our banc-account. If that’s not really an option, try spreading the news, tell your friends about us, ask for stickers and flyers and just help us grow bigger… Hey, why not become a member?

I’m not good at writing, but the stickers/flyers-thing seemed interesting… tell me more, will ya!

Well, we’re having a shitload of stickers, all decent quality, full color paper stickers. If you want some, let us know. Some stamps / money to cover the postage would really be helpfull and defenitely speed things up. And while you’re at it, check out our shirts too!

Shirts? Damn, i love shorts, where can i get them?

Very simple, just check out the sales-page and get whatever you want overthere.

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