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a certain kind of different ()
a certain ratio — live america 1985 (CD)
a dark noel: the very best of excelsis ()
a day to remember “and their name was treason” ()
a day’s work – drowning in what i believe (EP (CD))
a dozen furies “a concept from fire” ()
a perfect murder “unbroken” (CD)
a wilhelm scream “mute print” (CD)
a wilhelm scream “ruiner” ()
a18 “dear furious” (CD)
aaskereia – zwischen den welten (CD)
abandon “in reality we suffer” ()
abathur – grim fucking folktales (TAPE)
abiura – live at fabrik (CDR)
aborted – goremageddon: the saw and the carnage done (CD)
abscesy – stump embrio (DEMO-TAPE)
absynthium – hatestorm (DEMOCD)
abused majesty – serpenthrone (CD)
achilles “the dark horse” ()
acid bath “when the kite strings pop” (remastered) (CD)
acid fake 01 special edition comp (CD-R)
acid fake 02 special edition comp (CD-R)
acid king “busse woods” (CD)
acid king “iii” ()
across five aprils “living in the moment” (CD)
action action “an army of shapes between wars” ()
acumen nation ()
adamisgod “236fingersperminute” (CD-R)
adorned brood – erdenkraft (CD)
adorned brood “asgard” and “erdenkraft” (CD)
advent – the dawn (CD)
aeons of old “nemesis” + live@ den daak (PROMO-CD)
aes dana – formors (CD)
aeturnus – a darker monument (CD)
after all – the vermin breed (CD)
against me! – searching for a former clarity (CD/DOUBLE LP)
agape ()
agathocles – black clouds determinate (CD)
agathocles – jan ag – no ear for you – rollercoaster (SPLIT 7″EP)
agathocles – sivilimurha – cruelty for popularity -sodan sankareita (SPLIT 7″EP)
agathocles – “a minced retrospective” (TAPE)
agathocles / fat ass fuckers (SPLIT EP 7″)
agathocles / front beast (SPLIT EP 7″)
agathocles / kadaverficker (SPLIT EP 7″)
agathocles / les baudouins morts – chop off their trust (SPLIT 7″EP)
agathocles / mucus (SPLIT 7″EP)
agathocles / stomachalcorrosion (SPLIT-CD)
agathocles / the mad trashers (SPLIT 7″EP)
agathocles/rot in pieces (SPLIT EP 7″)
agathocles: alive & mincing, live in wermelskirchen (CD)
agathocles: “gotcha!” (EP 7″)
agent steel – order of the illuminati (CD)
agents of oblivion (CD)
agents of satan “the old testament” (CD)
agnosys – equilibrum (MCD)
ahimsa sunrise “the viceroy and the monarch” ()
ahimsa sunrise — the viceroy and the monarch (CD)
ailanthus ()
aina “days of rising doom the metal opera” (CD)
air raid romance “the never enders” ()
akercocke “choronzon” (CD)
akercocke “words that go unspoken, deeds that go undone” ()
akira (MOVIE)
alabama thunderpussy “river city revival” ()
albert react – confluence & scrapes (CD)
alexander tucker “old fog” ()
alexisonfire “watch out!” (CD)
algol/shroud of despondency split (CD)
alice in videoland “outrageous!” ()
alienation mental – ball spouter (CD)
all that remains “this darkened heart” (CD)
alligator dave “stoned and confused” (CD)
almighty sathanas – demo (CDR)
alpha-project – counter reset (CD)
alter bridge (CD)
ambry “holding on by the blindfolds we hide behind ()
amen ra – mass i: prayer i – vi (MCD)
american pie the wedding (MOVIE)
amon amarth “fate of norns” (CD)
among the decayed “a perfect day for terror ep” ()
amorphis “far from the sun” (CD)
ana dies “formamentum” ()
anael – necromantic rituals (CD)
anaemica – great vengeance… (CDR)
anal blast – vaginal vampire (CD)
analog pussy “trance n roll” ()
anaphylaxis “noise for lovers” ()
android lust “dragonfly” ()
angels in exile “chapter 1: retribution” ()
anger regiment “aces and eights” (CD)
angercore – consequences (CD-R)
angry eye – organics (DEMO CDR)
angst driven “super psycho fatalistic up my fucking dosage” (CD-R)
anhkrehg “against you all…” ()
anima damnata “agonizing journey through the burning …” (CD)
animosity “empires” ()
animus herilis – recipere ferum (CD)
ankh – expect unexpected (CD)
annihilator “all for you” (CD)
another messiah – dark dreams, my child (CD)
another messiah “another renaissance” ()
ant-bee “lunar musik” ()
antevirus – same (CD)
anthrax new releases ()
anticrisis “release” (CD)
antigama – discomfort (CD)
antigama “zeroland” ()
anvil corp compilation promo no. 2 (CD)
any way the wind blows (MOVIE)
aphotic “stillness grows” (CD)
apophis – heliopolis (CD)
appareil “judas kiss” ()
aquilon – intramedia (CD/DIGIPACK)
arachnica – black attack (CDS)
arch enemy – wages of sin (CD)
arch enemy “anthems of rebellion” ()
arckanum (CD)
arcturus – the sham mirrors (CD)
ariel kalma “osmose” ()
arise – the godly work of art (CD)
arkangel – hope you die by overdose (CD)
armaggedon – possessed by satan (CD)
armor for sleep presents: a comprehensive guide to touring dvd ()
armor for sleep “what to do when you are dead” ()
arsebreed – munching the rotten (CD)
arsis “a diamond for disease” ()
artefact – son of solstice (CD)
artillery hell ()
artillery hell (MCD)
as i lay dying “shadows are security” ()
as it burns – mortal dusk (CD)
asg (amplification of self gratification) “feelin’ good is good enough” ()
asguard “dreamslave” ()
asguard “wikka” ()
ashent (self-titled) (CD)
ashes you leave – desperate exitence (CD)
ashes you leave – fire (CD)
ashville – the desert anomaly (CD)
asscavern – red headed stepchild (CDR)
asspounder “demonic realm” ()
astral carneval ()
at home with every time i die (DVD)
atavism – craving for flesh (DEMO-TAPE)
atavism – drain of impurity – mincer – brutalmageddon (CD)
atheist “unquestionable presence” ()
atomship “the crash of ’47” (CD)
atreyu “the curse” (CD)
atrophia red sun – twisted logic (CD)
audio kollapse – ultima ratio (CD)
audioblack (CD)
audiobon “heavy hum” ()
audition (MOVIE)
audrey horne “no hay banda” ()
augury “concealed” ()
aura – new life (CD)
ausgebombt “hellbomber” (CD)
autopsy torment – tormentorium (CD)
autopsy torment – tormentorium (2) (CD)
autumnal reaper – of pure damnation (CD)
autumn’s grey solace “riverine” ()
avery – lie, cheat & steal (CD/ LP)
axamenta – nox draconis argenti (CD)
axehandle ()
axenstar – the inquisition (CD)

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